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Best Features of Random Chat

After old fashion text chat which people were using for decades, random cam chat become todays most popular communication way to meet strangers, have new friendships and much more. Free chat rooms allow users to talk to strangers with camera, free. There are some chat rules of course but it does not change that online chatting turned from text chat to random video chat totally. Well, Omegla Chat is here now. The most popular chat site, get ready for the biggest fun ever!

Someone You Don't Expect from StrangerCam

Random video chat will bring you somebody every time you click the next button. This is the beauty of random chat. You don't pick the person you want to talk with, system does. He or she, from your city or far far away, 20 years old or 65, everything is random. Of course you can use our filters to define whom you want to have video chat with specifically, that's an other issue.


Stranger Chat, It's So Much Fun

Everybody want to talk with someone out of their own country. This makes people to know more about different countries. Also many people want to have friends from foreign countries. Random video chat apps are just for that. You can chat with strangers using your camera anytime you want. Know more people even set a date. It's one of the best activities on internet.

Talk with Community on Public Chat Rooms

On our Omegla video chat site there are public chat rooms which everyone can join with or without an account. You can freely enjoy the anonymous chat in these rooms, listen music, join to conversations and much more. There are millions of users chatting at the same time but the beauty of it is auto translator translates everything into your own language.

One to One chat on Private Chat Rooms

If you want to talk with (a girl for example) privately, you can prefer private chat rooms for that. On that spaces you can have one to one (p2p) video chat. User safety is more than you can image in our random chat platform so don't worry about anything. You and your fellow chat partner are alone in private rooms.

StrangerCam Community Rules

StrangerCam Community Rules to Follow

Chatting online is more fun than you imagine. However there are some rules that you shouldn't forget to follow. First of all you must be over age 18. No underage users are allowed. If you notice that the person you are having chat with is below 18, you should immediately report him/her to us. Our support line is always live and there to help you.

Stay Safe on Online Chat Rooms

Do not share your personal information with random strangers online. Remember that there are always be complete stranger with bad intentions. If you feel that someone is recording your chat room, get out of the room and report user to us. We are not like other chat websites, we carefully investigate situations and help our users no matter what the problem is.

Don't Use Offensive Language and Actions

To have fun (conversations) with chats stay away from offensive language and report who does. Talk to strangers as you talk to people in real life. Do not hide behind internet anonymity. People believe that nothing can happen to them but it's not true. In may countries chat logs can be used in courts. Also we ban the users with bad intentions.

Extraordinary Features of Stranger Cam Alternative

Our StrangerCam website offers fantastic way of random chatting. You can choose to talk with random stranger by clicking the start chatting button. Every next button push will bring you an another new user to chat with. On the other hand, you may use our filters to find the exact match from people online. If you want to chat with stranger girls for example you should pick "girls online" checkbox in gender filters. That will bring you only female strangers online. Many people use our filters all the time. That makes us look as dating site to them.

Audio and Video Settings

Our user friendly screens will help you to change your settings to reach high quality video and audio for cam chatting. In video calls, video settings are the most important thing. The audio goes for the voice calls. If you are about to do complicated setup, simply press live help to connect our live support line to get free help anytime you want.

Country Filters for Stranger Chat Rooms

If you want to random chat with someone from specific country, you should always use our country filters. It will help you to pick specific regions of the world. This way you can talk with the strangers from the place you want.

Chat with Random Strangers With Similar Interests

Find online strangers who love your hobbies, chat online with them and get into some fun conversation! To make new friends, it'll be better if you create an account. Sign up is free. This way people can follow you, send text messages to you and add your profile to their favorite list. When you have an account you will be also chat with multiple people at the same time.

Some Ideas as Conversation Starters

Well let's exchange ideas for interesting conversations. That will help your social circle grow faster and even maybe you will find romance with out best alternative StrangerCam site. When you are about to start new conversations, you should always remember that first impression is everything. Remember that someone is going to click next button on their random chat screen and you will pop up! It means you will have short period of time to attract the user.

Always smile, always. Don't try to look cool, be yourself. That will bring energy to your video chat session. When you are talking with somebody act like your friends online are sending you messages from other devices. That will feel your chat partner to think that you are surrounded with many friends. Don't try to start meaningful conversations at the beginning of the conversation. Start with "Hey", "What are you doing?"... Make the person feel relaxed, don't push him or her immediately.

Ready to Jump into StrangerCam, Fantastic Way of Random Chat?

If the answer is "YES!", you are ready to chat with strangers worldwide! Click the start chatting button above and our system will bring you some random people from different places of the world instantly. And you know what, everything, yes every single feature on our platform is completely free!